Job Coaching

Career Counselling

For people who are looking to launch, relaunch or transition their careers, a Career Counselling session is often the best starting point. At Higher Goals we will help you:

  • Identify careers that align with your values, personality, interests and skillset
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore re-training and up-skilling options if necessary
  • Create a detailed strategy to launch or transition you into a new career

Designed for job seekers and professionals who are:

  • Ready to launch a new career
  • Looking to return to the workforce after a significant time away
  • Wanting to transition careers and need guidance
  • Unhappy in their current role/career and need to assess their options

Career counselling sessions are conducted over 1.5 hours and cost $195

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Application Support 

Having applications rejected can be frustrating and demotivating. How to write and present your CV and covering letter has changed over time and will vary across sectors.  You can gain a competitive advantage by having the trained eye of a professional recruiter review and refine your job applications.

  • Application Preparation: Supply your current CV, together with advertised positions and selection criteria for roles in which you’d like to apply, and Higher Goals will upskill you on how to develop tailored and standout applications. Drawing on a 15 year knowledge base and best practice principles Higher Goals will advise on the science of developing your greatest version cover letter and resume along with providing the tools, templates and step by step processes in order to get you noticed. This capacity building session will ensure that you will be well equipped to then formulate your own application and subsequent applications thereafter. (1.5 hours – $195)

  • Application Refinement: This service is for those who have updated their CV and accompanying documents but want to ensure that their application is the best version it can be. We will review your application against the selection criteria and our knowledge of the target organisation’s requirements and preferences to give you the best chance of making the shortlist. (1.5 hours – $195)

Interview Coaching  

Interviewing well is a skill. And like all skills, it can be taught, practised and developed. At Higher Goals, we have a proven track record in preparing candidates for the rigours of the interview process. Through years of experience in HR and recruitment, we have the insider knowledge of how to craft responses that demonstrate your skills, achievements and capabilities in a way that will appeal to recruiters.

Interview Upskilling: This session is for those who are preparing themselves to enter the job market or are moving into a new industry. It covers the basics of how you’ll need to present on the day, but most importantly you’ll also learn how to develop your responses and frame them in a way that highlight your strengths and minimise any gaps or weaknesses in your resume.               (1.5 hours – $195) 

Mock Interviews: There’s no better way to prepare for an interview than practising. These sessions give you an opportunity to verbalise your responses to the types of questions you are likely to be asked and workshop your replies in depth. Mock interviews will build your confidence and make you feel comfortable in what can be an intimidating environment. (1.5 hours – $195)

Interview Confidence: Everyone in recruitment knows that it isn’t always the most qualified and experienced person that gets the job. Recruitment processes can be more subjective than you’d expect; therefore, making a good impression on the selection panel is essential. One aspect where many candidates stumble is confidence. 

As a certified results coach, Joanna from Higher Goals can help you identify confidence blockages and limiting beliefs that could potentially sabotage your interview. Remember that every interview is fundamentally a sales pitch for what you can bring to the organisation. Ask any good salesperson, and they’ll tell you that confidence is key. (1.5 hours – $195)

Interview Coaching Package: Includes Interview Upskilling, Interview Confidence and a Mock Interview run over three 1.5 hour sessions – Total Cost: $495 (a saving of $90)