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Are you stuck in a job that is not fulfilling?

Whilst you would love a promotion or an opportunity in a new company, is the recruitment process keeping you at a standstill? Does it seem that regardless of how many roles you are applying for you are not the one signing the new employment contract?

Being a ‘great employee’ and ‘technically savvy’ is important, but that alone will not put your resume at the front of the pile. If you submit the same generic cover letter and resume as everyone else, what’s helping you get noticed as their ‘must have’ candidate? Without giving all of my secrets away, if you don’t identify why you are passionate about the organisation and role that you are applying for and tailor your skill set to their key selection criteria, it would take a miracle to make the shortlist.

Once you are shortlisted, the interview process in itself is a whole new ball game. You cannot rely on your skills, experience and qualifications to get you across the line, it’s more about how you sell these to the panel. Your delivery is everything. Recruitment is typically a very competitive process and in order to stand out from the other 5 or 6 interviewees you have to know what it takes to do this.

  • Do you know how to tailor your responses for the role / company?
  • Do you know how to articulate your responses in order to convince the panel that you have a unique proposition?
  • Do you know that when you are asked a behavioural question you need to spend more time talking about the positive outcomes of your efforts rather than going into the detail of the example?

If you answered no to any of these questions I am here to help. There is a strategy and approach to interviewing well that I will share with you in order to ensure that you are the superior candidate on the day.

I am also acutely aware that teaching you how to answer a question in a technically perfect way should only be one component of the consult because if you do not believe in your skills it will be impossible to convince the panel of them. I will very much focus on inspiring confidence and encouraging you to believe in yourself so you truly have the best opportunity to excel in that interview room. I aim to make these sessions not only informative but also inspirational.

With the added skill of interviewing like a pro and confidence boost you may even enjoy the process and say hello to your newfound career freedom by actually having choices in the role and organisation that you want to work in.

Cambridge Dictionary Definition ‘Inspirational’

Making you feel full of hope and encouraged

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About me

Having read over tens of thousands of resumes and having conducted thousands of interviews across multiple industries I have seen it all and I 100% know what it takes to get your application shortlisted and then how to interview successfully in order to secure the role. Not only have I chaired countless interview panels, I have also designed assessment centres and skills tests so I know what each process is trying to elicit from the candidate. This puts me in an excellent position when coaching you to really identify what it takes to submit the best application and succeed in that next interview.

Current pricing options:

Job Coaching Consultation

$275 (2 hours)

  • Understanding your career goals
  • Tailoring the coaching for a specific role and industry
  • Reviewing and providing advice on your current cover letter and resume
  • Helping you develop your complete application for roles you wish to apply for
  • Definitively addressing the key selection criteria
  • Interview response formation
  • Interview question practice
  • Providing advice on building rapport and conducting yourself throughout the interview
  • Lifting your confidence to 100% back yourself.

Career Direction Analysis & Job Coaching

$425 (3 hours)

All of the job coaching consultation inclusions plus – a career direction survey and assessment which links skills, interests and personality traits with specific industries. If you’ve had a niggling thought that you are not satisfied in your current industry or there’s been an underlying passion to branch out and try something completely different let’s work on this together. Your job is way too big of a component of your life to not gain fulfilment from. Based on the survey you complete you will be provided an extensive list of roles within the industry match as well as a list of practical activities you can undertake to learn more about the job specifics. Most importantly, I will share how you can create openings for yourself in the new sector. This is also a great option for job seekers wanting to launch their careers but don’t quite know the direction they need to take.

Follow up Session

$225 (1.5 hours)

There’s a lot of work that needs to go into your application and interview preparation in order to be well rewarded with that dream job. Please note that I’m happy to completely tailor my sessions. If you’re comfortable with your CV but want assistance developing your interview responses and practicing these then let’s do that. If you’re comfortable in front of a panel (go you!) but want assistance developing a stand out application then I can cater for that too. Both of these options can be covered off in the initial Job Coaching option. If you want to draw on my entire range of services I offer this cost effective follow up session.



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