Firefighter Job Coaching

Being a firefighter may be the dream of many school children, but the reality is it may never be anything more than a dream. To say that getting recruited to this Emergency Service is challenging is an understatement.  Joanna Klinge, Director of Higher Goals, is married to a Commander in an Australian fire service and knows first-hand what is involved with recruitment and promotion and the challenges involved in both.

Apart from the sheer competition for places (an intake of 30 recruits can attract thousands of applications), the multi-staged recruitment processes can take several months to complete. Candidates need to demonstrate intellectual aptitude, excellent verbal and written communication, physical health and fitness. Then in addition to this, without a robust application and exceptional interviewing skills, applicants are likely to be eliminated early in the process. Higher Goals will best prepare you for these hurdles.

Fire2 Firefighter Job Coaching

Application Support: A well-crafted, comprehensive and compelling resume is essential when applying for any job; the fires service is no different. Whether you are applying to enter the service or applying for a promotion, Higher Goals will use this session to upskill you in writing  your own CV and cover letter ensuring that you address the key selection criteria to give you the best chance of standing out. (1.5 hours – $170)

Aptitude Testing: There are no formal educational requirements to become a career firefighter, but your literacy, numeracy and mechanical reasoning ability will be examined as part of the aptitude test. The assessment aims to test not only what you know, but evaluate your capacity to think and learn, as all firefighters are expected to undertake continual learning. This session will give you an insight into the types of questions to expect, examination tips and the areas of general knowledge that you should study. You will also sit a trial exam so you can practice thinking under pressure. (1.5 hours – $170)

Group Assessment Preparation: This stage of the recruitment process is to assess your communication and interpersonal skills, including public speaking, problem-solving within a team and writing ability. This session will simulate the types of exercise and scenarios you will potentially encounter with advice on how to tackle each one. (1.5 hours – $170)

Interview Coaching: After completing the initial assessments, health and fitness checks and personality profile, the selection interview can be an unexpected hurdle. Remember, this process is designed to expose your vulnerabilities. Interview coaching is an opportunity to prepare for the types of questions you’ll be asked, so you can present robust responses with detailed examples highlighting your skills and achievements. (1.5 hours – $170)

Mock Interview: Our clients regularly tell us that the mock interview session was the key to their successful interview performance. Simulating the interview environment allows you to practice your responses and have them evaluated by a professional. Together we will ensure that you are answering questions in their entirety and choosing the best examples following the STAR methodology. It’s also a great way to build confidence in your ability to perform under pressure. (1.5 hours – $170)

Fire3 Firefighter Job Coaching

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