Higher Goals is a job counselling and coaching agency for people who want to pivot their career into organisations that help others.

If you are looking to start or advance your career with not-for-profit, community-based organisations, aid agencies or emergency services, talk to us about how you can reach your higher goals.

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Nick’s Story – Ready to make an Impact.

Nick is an Environmental Health professional with a degree in Applied Science and an MBA. He has built a successful career working on environmental health projects for local and regional councils around Australia. However, Nick’s ambition was to join an NGO and work in developing countries where his expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene could really make a difference to people’s lives. He was also ready for a bit more adventure in his life.

Higher Goals updated and redesigned Nick’s CV to highlight the experience and skills that NGOs valued most. We also prepared him for the selection interview, so he understood how to frame his answers to best demonstrate his aptitude  and achievements.

With the help of Higher Goals, Nick was soon recruited into the talent pool of one of the world’s largest international aid organisations and subsequently received his first assignment to Myanmar as a Water & Sanitation Engineer where his efforts are helping transform communities.

Nick kindly fed back “Joanna really understood what the NGO was looking for, what my experience and skills would bring to their organisation and what I would need to demonstrate to be a highly competitive candidate.”

Sarah’s Story – Ready for a Change.

After 14 years as a Marketing Manager in a private company, Sarah was ready for a change, but the idea of re-entering the job market was daunting. She was also apprehensive about whether she had the right skills. Sure, she knew her current job inside out, but would that be of any value in the not-for-profit sector where she was hoping to work?

Sarah enlisted Higher Goals to help her get ready to make the leap. We worked with her to identify the type of work she wanted to do and the kind of organisation she was hoping to join. It wasn’t long before Sarah was preparing for her first interviews. With our knowledge of the NFP sector, we helped Sarah anticipate the questions she was likely to face and present her experience most effectively.

She didn’t get that job, because the panel was so impressed, they asked her to consider a more senior role in the organisation instead.

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Laura’s Story – Ready for a Promotion

Laura is a firefighter. Her natural leadership tendencies motivated her to secure the position of Leading Fire Fighter. Laura came to Higher Goals for interview coaching when she decided to put herself forward for promotion to an Officer role.

The interview process for promotions within the Emergency Services is notoriously rigorous. We coached Laura to frame her responses in a way that best demonstrated her capability to take on a senior position. Practice interviews helped build her confidence and anticipate any difficult questions. Of the fifty candidates who applied, Laura was placed in the top three and has recently secured her promotion to Officer.

Her feedback to Higher Goals – “You made me feel at ease with the process when it felt overwhelming and refining my responses really helped highlight the selection criteria in order to put my best foot forward. I couldn’t have done it without you”.

Meg’s Story – Ready to Fight for Justice

Meg has always been passionate about justice and human rights issues. It motivated her to gain a Bachelor of Laws with honours from The University of Melbourne, and then complete her Master’s Degree in Public International Law. In between studies, Meg took temporary postings as a Humanitarian Law Officer for international aid organisations in Australia and overseas.

Meg’s ambition was to join a major international aid organisation as a Human Right’s Lawyer. After years of persevering unsuccessfully, she engaged Higher Goals to help hone her interview skills and improve her prospects.

Having worked in the Human Resources department of a major NGO herself, Joanna from Higher Goals was able to provide Meg with the specialised job coaching she needed. Her next application was successful.

Meg is currently realising her ambition and working as a Detention Delegate in one of Asia’s refugee hot spots.

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These are genuine Higher Goals success stories. Names and some details have been disguised to protect privacy.