Our Story

Having worked in Human Resources for the past fifteen years at all levels and across various industries Joanna discovered early on that the sectors that give back to the community were her preference so she pursued her HR career in health, community / social services and international aid. The recruitment practices were both interesting and rigorous. It’s fair to say that you haven’t really been through a challenging recruitment process until you’ve applied to be on an international aid roster and had a fake gun aimed at your head whilst the perpetrator (panel) demand that you sensibly navigate your way out of danger. This was only a small portion of the testing that also included psychometric testing, case studies, group problem solving and a few interviews for good measure. It dawned on Joanna that these stages are exceptionally gruelling and with very few placements on offer it was near on impossible to relinquish your dream of assisting the vulnerable populations. No one should go this alone. With an extensive network in the fire brigade, it became clear to Joanna that the only other profession rivalling the rigours of the international aid recruitment process were those aspiring to enter a fire and rescue service or be promoted in one. Joanna wants to see good, dedicated and competent people enter this important response team which is why she developed a tailored service to assist those with the various recruitment stages from new recruits to executive roles.

Recruitment has always been a passion of Joanna’s and she has utilised every technique under the sun to attract, test and differentiate between candidates. Having designed and facilitated assessment centres which involved psychometric testing, group problem solving activities, interviewing and working through case studies Joanna is very clear on what skills, knowledge and attributes the stages are trying to elicit. She is also acutely aware of what the candidates need to do in order to shine on the day.

Her love for recruitment is only rivalled by her love for training which is whey Joanna is going to introduce workshops for aspiring firefighters on how prepare and perform for the group assessment and interviews in 2022. CV support is also available.

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