Our Story

It became a strong realisation early on in Joanna’s fifteen-year HR career that good employees don’t necessarily secure good jobs or promotions easily. Being a skilled employee doesn’t always translate to interviewing well and without this their careers almost certainly get stifled. In fact, Joanna can categorically say that unless a mate hires them or they go out on their own they won’t reach the great heights that they are capable of. Unless you can convince the panel that you are above and beyond their other candidates and you have the artform of interviewing down pat you’ll be staying put in an underwhelming role.

My vision is to help really great people with more modesty than sell learn how to outperform other applicants in order to relinquish their dreams of landing their ideal job.

Recruitment has always been a passion of Joanna’s and she has utilised every technique under the sun to attract, test and differentiate between candidates. Having designed and facilitated numerous assessment centres which involved psychometric testing, group problem solving activities, working through case studies and of course interviewing Joanna is very clear on what skills, knowledge and attributes the various stages are trying to elicit. She is also acutely aware of what the candidates need to do and say in order to shine on the day and it may not always be what you think.

Few recruitment processes are as rigorous as entering a fire service and it is also a sector that Joanna has a deep understanding of so she also tailors her job coaching sessions for aspiring firefighters and those seeking promotions.

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